“1913: Seeds of Conflict”

In Today's Events, by , on September 17th, 2015

The Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Minor will begin a film series this week at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 17, in Dunleavy 127.  The film will be introduced with a few words, followed by discussions afterwards.  

This week’s film is “1913: Seeds of Conflict,” a PBS documentary on the pre-WWI origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It looks at the moment of transformation when Ottoman rule in Palestine was still strong, the identities of Jerusalemites were fluid and few could imagine the conflict that would dominate the region for the next century. Breaking new ground, this film focuses on the moment just before World War I, when Arab and Jewish nationalisms first made contact, and the seeds of conflict were first sown. (53 min.) 

For additional information please contact Mustafa Gokcek, Stefanie Wichhart or Amelia Gallagher.