Annual fire alarm system testing: July 2016

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Annual fire alarm system testing

(Schedule for period of July 5-15, 2016)

Please be advised that the required annual fire alarm testing will be conducted in the following buildings per the schedule below.

This should cause minimal disruption to your daily schedule and you will be notified via the building speakers (if available) or by the tester prior to the sounding of the actual bells.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact facility services at 286.8430.

Thank you for your cooperation.

SimplexGrinnell 2016 July Fire Alarm Inspection Schedule

Appx Dur.    Building                                Date               Day                            Start Time

4 hours                O’Donoughue                     7/11/16        Monday                    8 a.m.

3 hours                Castellani                              7/11/16        Monday                    1 p.m.

2 hours                Timon                                    7/11/16        Monday                    3:30 p.m.

2 hours                Physical Plant                      7/12/16        Tuesday                    8 a.m.

2 hours                Bailo                                       7/12/16        Tuesday                    10:30 a.m.

2 hours                Campus Safety                    7/12/16        Tuesday                    1 p.m.

4 hours                St. Vincent’s Annex            7/13/16        Wednesday              8 a.m.

4 hours                Kiernan                                 7/14/16        Thursday                  8 a.m.

4 hours                Vincentian Residence        7/14/16        Thursday                  1 p.m.

8 hours                Dwyer                                   7/15/16        Friday                         8 a.m.