Castellani Art Museum Presents “Diverse Western New York”

In Other, by , on November 29th, 2023

The Castellani Art Museum is proud to announce the upcoming exhibition, “Diverse Western New York,” a vibrant showcase of contemporary artworks that celebrates the cultural and artistic diversity within the Western New York region. This unique exhibition, curated by students from Niagara University’s AHM 252A: Introduction to Museum Studies, highlights a dynamic selection of works from the CAM collection, featuring a variety of sizes, colors, and mediums.

The exhibition opens on Dec. 5, 2023, with a public reception starting at 5:15 p.m. It will continue to be on display until March 17, 2024, offering visitors an opportunity to experience the diverse artistry of Western New York.

Says Alexis Benedetti, a junior psychology major at Niagara University, “I hadn’t realized how much I enjoyed exploring the art world until being a part of this exhibition. Creating a collection of art from people who lived in my area really revealed how much lesser-known artists can leave a big impact on the community around them.”

The “Diverse Western New York” exhibition is a vivid representation of the region’s rich artistic heritage, with an added touch that will resonate deeply with local Buffalo Bills fans. This showcase skillfully combines works that reflect the diverse cultures, races, and generations of Western New York, capturing the essence of the area’s eclectic art scene.

A standout feature of this exhibition is the inclusion of Cheryl Green’s (Onondaga Wolf Clan) remarkable creation: a denim jacket adorned with a Buffalo Bills logo, meticulously crafted from glass beads. This piece stands as a testament to the fusion of traditional artistry and contemporary local fandom. It’s a tribute that is sure to draw the admiration of Bills supporters and art enthusiasts alike, symbolizing the unity of community pride and cultural heritage.

In addition to this unique homage to local sports fandom, the exhibition features a range of artworks, offering visitors new insights into the creative talents within the community. Each piece, now revealed to the public, adds depth and variety to the collection, highlighting the artistic narratives of Western New York.

The array of artists, including the likes of Malcolm Bonney, Charlie Clough, William Cooper, and Rosemary Rickard Hill, contributes a mosaic of styles and perspectives. Their works, varying from vivid paintings to detailed drawings, collectively showcase the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the region’s art scene.

In essence, the “Diverse Western New York” exhibition is more than a display of art; it’s a vibrant celebration of regional creativity, a homage to hometown spirit, and an open invitation to explore the rich tapestry of stories and expressions that define the local art community.

“Diverse Western New York” is a result of the collaborative efforts of student curators Alexis Benedetti, Danica Markins, Joshua Lacourse, Lauren Palaoro, Noraleigh Moffett, Tucker Sylvester, Violet Printup, and Yejin Oh, under the guidance of professor Ellen M. Owens. This exhibition is not only a celebration of art, but also an educational journey, showcasing the practical application of museum studies.

“Helping create this exhibition with my class was a fun experience. I really enjoyed seeing the different artwork styles and pieces from the different cultures of the Western New York region,” says Violet Printup, a media studies major.

The art history with museum studies program at Niagara University combines academic study in art and culture with practical museum training. In close partnership with CAM, the program offers students hands-on experience in various museum roles, bridging theoretical knowledge with real-world application in preparation for careers in the museum and cultural sectors.

20 featured artists: Malcolm Bonney, Barbara Buckman, Charlie Clough, William Cooper, Frank Eckmair, Zhuqing Fucha, Cheryl Greene, Rosemary Hill, John Vassar House, Penny Hudson, Arnold Mesches, Juan Perdiguero, Joseph Piccillo, Mary Lou Printup, Marlene Printup, Mary Rickard, Cesar Romero, Ellen Steinfield, Lauren Tent, and Neil Tetkowski.