Congratulations to the Outstanding Employee of the Quarter, Kara Oliver!

In Niagara News, by , on November 22nd, 2019


Kara Oliver, assistant director of the Niagara University Opportunity Program, has been named Niagara University’s “Outstanding Employee of the Quarter.”

Kara began her academic career at Niagara University in 2007, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in communications in 2011. During her time as a student at Niagara, she took part in various campus leadership opportunities, including one as a resident assistant under the leadership of Christopher Sheffield, associate vice president for student affairs and institutional effectiveness. After graduation, Kara continued her education, pursuing a master’s degree in multidisciplinary studies with a concentration in creative problem solving from the State University College at Buffalo.

In September 2017, Kara returned to Niagara University to work as the assistant director of the NUOP program. The positive influence she has on the students she works with is evident in the nomination submissions for this award.

“Kara is my boss and has been for almost two years,” wrote one student. “Each day when I come in, she greets me with extreme happiness and delight. If I am sad, she instantly knows it and will talk to me. Her happiness is contagious to all of her students as well, making the NUOP environment a special place to be.”

Another student referred to Kara as simply, “a beautiful spirit.” 

Kara’s supervisor, Jerrell Mason, NUOP program director, also recognized Kara for an impressive accomplishment outside of work–publishing her own book.

“Kara released her first children’s book, entitled ‘You Go, Girl: A Letter to Young Queens’ as a way to give back,” Jerrell wrote. “Kara attributes the late Dr. Brian Murphy, Dr. Karen Churcher, Dr. Doug Tewksbury, and Dr. Mark Barner for the release of her book being possible. Kara expressed that because these hardworking and open-minded professionals believed in her work and fostered a sense of pride and purpose in her as a minoritized student, she has always felt encouraged to give back in this same way. Kara has continued to play a pivotal role on campus and is more than deserving of this honor.”


Please join us in congratulating Kara as the Outstanding Employee of the Quarter!