C&W Services update: free work orders

In Announcements, by , on November 5th, 2015

One of the biggest enhancements in the new contract with C&W reaps real rewards for Niagara but will require us to be better planners. Because the new staffing plan has specific positions and related training required, there are assigned work order staff. So as not to pull those cleaning from their responsibilities, only work order staff will perform work orders. Most routine work during normal hours that is planned in advance and can be done with work order positions will no longer be charged to the university’s departments. It has become part of the new contract and those costs have been absorbed into the contract price. Special event setups may require additional personnel to be brought in or utilized and that type of work will be charged as it has been in the past. Work order positions will be assigned work on a first-come, first-served basis and, once they are booked for the day, no more work orders will be scheduled for that day. That is where the planning comes in. It is realistic to assume work will be planned out days in advance and C&W may not be available to do last minute work orders in the new contract. If deemed an emergency, it is important to realize that failure to plan in this case will require services being taken from students in order to get the work done. Obviously this is something we should all work to avoid.

We would like to help everyone start off on the right track. To that end, C&W and facility services will be setting up meetings with key stakeholders in event planning so that everyone understands this new way of doing business. We are hopeful that it will have a positive impact on everyone in the long run. As always, contact C&W Services or facility services with any questions.