Dr. Amelia Gallagher’s Newest Study Focuses On Religion In Niagara Falls

In Announcements, by , on March 21st, 2017

Each year, millions of people flock to Niagara Falls, a major tourist attraction, to see what many have unofficially crowned the “Eighth Natural Wonder of the World.” But Niagara Falls has more to offer than its tourism and hospitality.

Dr. Amelia Gallagher – a religious studies professor at Niagara University – is exploring Niagara Falls and its religious connections.

Dr. Gallagher’s current research is in pilgrimage. Pilgrimages are journeys to sacred places that people partake in as an act of devotion or in the process of searching for moral or spiritual significance. Dr. Gallagher is moving toward an idea of Niagara Falls as a pilgrimage spot, both in the past and present and not with any specific religion in mind.

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