E-Commerce Course Provides Transformative Student Experience

In Announcements, by , on May 17th, 2016

During the spring 2016 semester, students in Dr. Anna McNab’s MGT 308 E-Commerce Essentials class were challenged to start an online business or help an existing business create an online presence. The emphasis of the course is to understand the opportunities, challenges and initial steps required to establish an entrepreneurial, web-based business.

Twenty-two students took small steps each week and, in the end, shared their projects with the class. Dr. McNab was quite impressed with the students’ projects and especially with the transformative learning and the confidence-building that several students commented on.

“The projects were varied, creative, informative, heartbreaking and funny,” Dr. McNab said. “I cried and I laughed when I was reading through their projects, presentations and reflections on learning. Several of the students put their souls into their work and the results were beautiful. Students were able to express their passions and realize there were others out there who shared their views or were impacted by their work. I am grateful for being able to witness their transformation as a result of this course.”

Read more about the course here.