Elizabeth Broomfield Earns Outstanding Employee Award

In Announcements, by , on August 14th, 2017

Congratulations to Elizabeth Broomfield, associate registrar at Niagara University, on being presented with NU’s Outstanding Employee Award on Aug. 7 by the Rev. James J. Maher, C.M., president.

Broomfield began working at Niagara in October 2000.

Broomfield’s supervisor, Ryan Kendrick, university registrar, commended her dedication and daily contributions to Niagara University.

“Elizabeth Broomfield is – to put it simply – absolutely essential to Niagara University,” he said. “Her hard work and dedication are central to not only our office, but to all international students, all academic departments and the university at large. When confronted with trying times and difficult obstacles, she continues to apply herself toward the ultimate goal of service.

“It is admirable how much time, care and effort Liz puts into everything she does. Demands on her time and attention are substantial, given the workload associated with the increased numbers of international students at Niagara, and she continues to redouble her efforts to make things happen for this university. She goes above and beyond for everyone on our campus nearly every day, making her deep connection to our community obvious in all she does.”

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