Energy Curtailment Event Today

In Announcements, by , on August 19th, 2014

NYISO has activated a summer demand response event. This electric curtailment event will occur today, Aug. 19, from 4 – 5 p.m.  Please attempt to reduce electric energy use by doing the following:

1. Turn off or do not use electric power devices such as:
a. Game consoles, such as XBOX and Playstation
b. Microwave ovens
c. Air conditioners
d. Radios and stereos
e. Battery and device chargers
f. Televisions
2. If you don’t need your computer, please turn it off.
3. Please refrain from doing laundry at this time.
4. Avoid running dish washers if possible.
5. Please turn off any lights that are not needed.
6. Take the stairs instead of using the elevators.
7. Avoid using copy machines.

The sustainable committee will receive a significant amount of money for green initiatives on campus if we are successful in significantly reducing our energy usage.

Niagara University, as part of its sustainable initiative, is in a program to curtail electrical usage during periods of high demand in New York State.  This program will allow electricity producers to maintain their current size without having to provide additional electric generation capacity at their coal-burning plants.

Generating electricity with coal is the biggest producer of greenhouse gases in the world.  Adding additional capacity for peak occurrences will make these plants efficient during normal operations, thus burning more coal less efficiently.  This program will help this industry reduce greenhouse gases.

Your participation and cooperation is appreciated.  Questions may be directed to Jean McCormick at ext. 8430 or