Fall campus fire drills

In Announcements, by , on October 30th, 2015

The New York State Fire Code requires that annual fire drills are conducted in all campus buildings. We will be conducting the drills during the week of Nov. 9-13. It is our goal to conduct the drills with minimal disruption to the campus. If you are hosting an event, exam or other activity which would be disrupted by a fire drill, contact John Barker with the time, date and location of the activity no later than Monday, Nov. 9. All efforts will be made to avoid conducting a drill during the event.

Please remember:

* Building evacuations will occur when a fire alarm sounds and/or upon verbal/electronic directives given by campus safety or emergency coordinator.

* When the fire alarm is activated during an emergency, leave by the nearest marked exit and alert others to do the same. Safely proceed to assembly area.

* When the ability to evacuate the building is restricted, making your exit impossible, one should seek refuge in nearest enclosed stairwell furthest from the incident.

* Once outside, remain at the assembly area site until emergency personnel are able to account for all building occupants. Further directions will be provided while at the assembly area.

* Do not return to an evacuated building until the “allclear” is given by emergency personnel.

Additional emergency response information related to building evacuation and other incidents is available in the Niagara University Emergency Preparedness Reference Guide. The guide can be accessed at: http://www.niagara.edu/assets/linkpage/NUEmergencyPreparednessReferenceGuide2.pdf