Federal Donations

In Announcements, by , on January 25th, 2019

When government does not represent the people they were elected to serve, innocent people suffer. Federal workers are being held hostage by the government shutdown continuing work with no paychecks. We are now in week five of this shutdown, impacting family‚Äôs finances and quality of life. Let’s make a positive IMPACT for these federal workers and their families and show they are appreciated.


  • 111,000 federal workers make under $50,000 annually.
  • Federal employees owe $438 Million in mortgages monthly.
  • The government shutdown loses $200 million per day by government vendors.
  • The shutdown costs $1.2 billion weekly.

Nonperishable food items and gift cards will be accepted in the IMPACT office, Academic Complex 125 until the end of this week (1/25).