Free 14-Week Equity Challenge

In Other, by , on September 2nd, 2022

Dr. David Taylor, in the Criminal Justice Department, is inviting the university campus community to participate in the 14-Week Equity Challenge that is being offered in collaboration with the United Way of Greater Niagara (UWGN). This public educational opportunity will contain 14 weeks of engaging and educational content hosted at The experience gives individuals or groups the chance to learn more about race, equity and social justice and how they affect the community in which we all live, learn, and work.

The commitment is modest, as we ask participants to give us just 20 minutes a week. If you have more time, great! Each Monday morning for 14 weeks, beginning on September 5th and concluding on December 5th, participants will receive an email with the content for that week. You can sign up for the Challenge at any time over the 14 weeks, as the materials for each week will be archived and easily accessible. 

Given the diversity of our audience, we will have a wide array of options from which to choose, so you should be able to tailor the Challenge to fit your interests. Together, we hope to gain a deeper understanding about the impact that systemic racism and inequity have on our region and how these greatly impact our campus and our community. Our goal is to deepen our awareness of and willingness to confront racism, bias, and other social inequities, as we work to become champions of equity in our personal and professional lives. Please join us in the 14-Week Equity Challenge. We believe you will enjoy it and find it rewarding. Attached is a poster with details on how to sign up for the Challenge.

Thank you for steadfast support and commitment to working toward educational equity and to creating safe and bias-free environments for our students both on and off campus.