IMPORTANT: Winter Weather Safety Reminder

In Other, by , on December 7th, 2023

Now that the winter weather in WNY has officially arrived, we want to remind you of weather closing, parking and plowing, as well as other general points regarding winter weather preparedness at Niagara University.

As with every situation that may have an impact on our campus, the first concern is for the safety of the students, faculty, staff, administration, and guests. Despite the valiant efforts of our snow removal partner and us being resilient Western New Yorkers, the snow, wind, and ice can be very persistent in our area. We encourage everyone to be aware of their surroundings and take extra precaution by clearing vehicle windows and mirrors fully prior to departing parking lots; wearing appropriate footwear for navigating potentially slippery surfaces; “walking like a penguin” – taking small steps, flat footed, and with your toes slightly pointed out focusing on maintaining your center of gravity when navigating slippery surfaces; and staying on cleared paths.

Weather Closing Information

If you haven’t already, please make sure you sign up on myNU to receive campus alerts, such as notification of school closing. If it is decided that the best course of action would be to cancel classes and/or close university offices, we will make every attempt to make that announcement by 6 a.m. We will communicate any cancellation via the university’s text-email-voicemail alert system, as well as through media channels.

Please be aware that while the university will monitor what other institutions and organizations may be doing during extreme weather, our decision process to cancel classes is different from that of high schools and elementary schools. Also, cancelling classes may not mean that the university is closed entirely. We have a number of operations and services that need to continue for the staff and students who are on the campus.

Snow Plowing and Winter Safety Information

The university’s snow plowing operations are initialized to keep the campus safe for vehicles and pedestrians. During the snow removal process, all university roads, parking lots, and sidewalks are cleared continuously.

Containers of rock salt are located within office building entrances. Employees may pitch in by carefully spreading the rock salt on snow/ice covered walkways and/or stairs around the entryway of their buildings to assist with maintaining clear and safe access.

Should an employee slip and/or fall on campus, they should immediately report the incident to the Office of Human Resources, 716.286.8690 or