Kindergarten Transition Summit Focuses On Improving School-Readiness Of Children

In Announcements, by , on June 26th, 2017

Niagara University brought together local school administrators and teachers, state officials and prominent funding organizations on May 25 to discuss the most effective methods to prepare children and families for the transition from childcare or preschool into kindergarten.

The Kindergarten Transition Summit, which took place in the university’s Dining Commons, was a unique experience that provided participants with the chance to hear from expert presenters and panelists, in addition to learning about opportunities to create and collaborate with kindergarten transition teams among Niagara County school districts and childcare centers.

The overall goal of the event was to build kindergarten transition teams between school districts and preschools and childcare center programs as a means to increase the school-readiness of children. It was an exceptional opportunity for early childhood leaders and policymakers to look collaboratively and analytically at Niagara County’s current transition practices, and see what research has shown to be beneficial for children starting elementary school.

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