Message from facility services: C&W Services update – matting program

In Announcements, by , on October 29th, 2015

One of the enhanced specifications of the new custodial contract involves the matting program on campus. In the past, walk-off mats were placed in some entrances of only certain buildings on campus, based on the contract. If your building did not have mats and you wanted them, you had the option of ordering them through the custodial contractor but at extra expense to your department. In the new agreement with C&W, they will be providing mats in all main entrances of every building on campus included as part of the contract. In addition, the mats will be purchased and maintained by C&W as they will no longer be using a rental service. Because of this, the mats are of a higher quality and perform better with regard to moisture and dirt retention keeping building interiors cleaner. Also, to help increase safety on the campus, the mats will be in all building entrances year-round instead of just in the months of inclement weather. This makes sense since it could rain on any day and make the entrance floors wet and slippery. We just received word that the new mats are expected to be delivered to Niagara on Nov. 4 and installed on Nov. 5 and 6. We will continue to keep the university community posted on additional enhancements as we put them in place. Feel free to contact facility services or C&W Services with any questions.