New Student Employment Hiring Process

In Announcements, by , on February 15th, 2019

Career Services is excited to announce a new and improved Student Employment Hiring Process. The new process has been streamlined to make hiring students on campus effortless therefore eliminating the liability issue for Niagara University with students working on campus without proper paperwork.

Some Highlights of the new process are:

  1. ONE Student Hiring Form replaces two Request and Compliances.
  2. Only, TWO electronic Signatures, the Department Head and the Controller’s Office.
  3. The Forms are available on MyNU,  Student Hires for Temp Employment

Please contact Tina Johnston,, 716-286-8530 for Student Temp Hires and Jill Shuey,, 716-286-8029 for Student Grant Hires.

Please note ALL non-student hiring will continue to be handled in the Human Resources Office.