Niagara University Marketing Student Awarded New Tops Scholarship

In Announcements, by , on October 27th, 2017

Rhiannon Rodunardt is the first recipient of a new Tops Friendly Markets scholarship intended to support students studying in Niagara University’s food and consumer-packaged goods marketing program.

Tops associates, dependents, or grandchildren pursuing a bachelor’s degree with the food and CPG marketing concentration at NU are now eligible to apply for scholarship reimbursement through Tops. Rodunardt, a cashier at the Tops store in Randolph, was recently named the inaugural recipient.

“To receive support from Tops Markets for my education was a great honor,” Rhiannon said. “I am very pleased to represent and support Tops Markets through my education itself. Being accepted for this scholarship meant all of what I have worked for (and) been involved in, along with strategically picking a workplace during high school, pays off in the future. Getting involved with Tops in my early years allowed me to have knowledge of this scholarship, which I was very grateful to participate in and, luckily, was chosen for.”

More information can be found here.