Niagara University represented well at International Conference in Toronto

In Announcements, by , on October 24th, 2017

Niagara University was very well represented at The International Society for Educational Planning (ISEP) 47th Annual Conference held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from October 11-14, 2017. Dr. Walter S. Polka, Professor of Professional Studies, College of Education and Coordinator of the Niagara University PhD Program in Leadership and Policy served as Program Chair of the conference and Jerry I. Wolfgang, Adjunct Faculty, College of Hospitality and Tourism Management served as Facilities Chair.

Several Niagara University College of Education Faculty, including: Dr. Robin Erwin, Dr. Leticia Hahn, Dr. Alice Kozen, Dr. Kathleen McGrath, Dr. Donna Phillips, and Dr. Walter Polka as well Niagara University PhD Alumni: Dr. Paul Harrietha (PhD – 2017); Dr. Sushma Maharwa (PhD – 2014), Dr. John Oliphant (PhD – 2017); Dr. Brian Poliner (PhD – 2016), and Dr. David Veres (PhD – 2017) presented their research findings at the conference. In addition, PhD Candidates: Amylynn Benjamin, William Campbell, Kimberly DeSimone, Rosina Mete, and Caitlin Riegel as well as PhD students: Jenna Dulak and Elizabeth Yarussi presented research related to their doctoral studies at Niagara University. Dr. Ferenc Nemeth, Niagara University Ontario Program Professor, as well as Dr. Holly Catalfamo, Dr. John McKenna, and Jerry Wolfgang, Niagara University Adjunct Professors also presented their research at the conference.

Dr. Christian Elia, Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Niagara University Ontario Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) Program, enthusiastically welcomed the ISEP delegates to his hometown of Toronto on Thursday morning, October 12. He provided an overview of the impact of Niagara University’s Ontario Programs in Teacher Education and Administration Leadership. At the luncheon session on Thursday, October 12, Dr. David Veres, 2017 Niagara University PhD graduate and recipient of the Niagara University 2017 Award as Outstanding Doctoral Student in Leadership and Policy, presented his dissertation topic: A Phenomenological Understanding of the Experience of Academic Administrators Motivations, Satisfaction, Retention, and Succession Planning. Dr. Veres received the 2017 International Society for Educational Planning Dissertation of the Year Award for his outstanding research study.

On Friday morning, October 13, Dr. Chandra Foote, Niagara University College of Education Dean, provided interesting historical data and a comprehensive analysis regarding the over four decades of Niagara University’s educational presence in Ontario including information about the formal agreements between Niagara University and the Ministry of Education and the Ontario Teachers Association that enables Niagara University faculty to teach courses for certification credit in Ontario. Dr. Frank Calzi, Retired Niagara University Chair of the Educational Leadership Program and key promoter of the Ontario teaching and administration programs delivered the David N. Wilson Memorial Lecture on Thursday afternoon. He passionately discussed his personal and professional experiences as an international educational leader for over fifty years. Dr. Calzi received a standing ovation at the end of his presentation as the ISEP delegates appreciated his heartfelt message, his global perspectives, and his years of dedicated service to the educational profession.