Niagara University Welcomes Transfer Students With Open Arms, Generous Credit Policy

In Announcements, by , on August 24th, 2017

Ricardo Santiago transferred to Niagara University in the fall of 2016 to study hospitality and tourism management. The Niagara County Community College graduate selected NU largely based on the university’s esteemed academic reputation and, not to be underestimated, the caring manner that transfer students are welcomed to the campus community.

“The Transfer Admissions Office really helped me with all of my needs and answered any questions that I had, which were many. It really was an open-door policy,” he said.

Approximately 250 students from two- and four-year colleges transfer to Niagara on an annual basis. The students who do become ingrained in the fabric of the university’s culture, which doesn’t always happen at other institutions.

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