NU Disability Employment Training

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Date/Time: Tuesday, Nov. 15, 10-11 a.m.
Location: Bisgrove Hall, Room 250
Title: Disability Awareness Workshop – how to attract and hire individuals with a disability
Presenter: David Whalen, NU Disability Awareness Training/NU ADA Coordinator
Host: Lisa Arnet, VP of HR
Who should attend: Anyone who is in a position to hire


  1. Major purpose/theme of workshop: Disability Awareness Training has tailored a presentation for Niagara University supervisors responsible for hiring. In line with Governor Hochul’s expectation that 40,000 people with disabilities hired over the next three years, NU will align its efforts with the state of New York. The presentation includes definitions, etiquette and interaction skills, the disabled perspective, accessibility/universal design, understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act, hiring practices/employment, and current trends and topics.
  2. Discuss the types of activities or strategies that will be utilized:
    Disability awareness incorporates sensitivity training so the audience can empathize with the injustices individuals with disabilities face, as well as educate on the types of supports these individuals may need. Videos, extensive materials and resources, federal guidelines, and current best practices will highlight the content and allow for attendees to best respond and interact with all individuals. Defining accommodations, understanding characteristics of disabilities, utilization of the vast network of supports, extensive resources, and how to review accessibility will also be addressed.

Course Key Ideas/Content:
-Disabilities defined
-Employment in the context of disability
– Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications
-Alternative forms of communication
-The Americans with Disabilities Act
-General Effective Communication
-Person/Identity First Language
-Accessibility/Universal design
-Proper etiquette and interaction skills
-Current trends and topics