NU Welcomes Certified ASL Interpreter Lucia Castellani

In Other, by , on February 14th, 2024

The Academic Success Center welcomes Lucia Castellani as Niagara University’s accessibility services ASL staff interpreter/advisor. Lucia is a certified American Sign Language interpreter whose priority is to interpret for NU students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing both inside and outside of the classroom (e.g., at meetings with various student groups, tutoring sessions, athletic events). As time and resources allow, Lucia may be available to interpret for staff and visitors who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing who request an interpreter as an accommodation for department/university-sponsored events and meetings.  

Departments that receive requests for ASL interpreters for their events/meetings should contact Lucia directly to request her services. Requests should be made at least five business days (or as soon as a need is known) before the event/meeting AND must include the following information in order for Lucia to determine her availability:   

  • Date and time of event
  • Location of event
  • Type of event
  • Duration of event; events/meetings scheduled for more than one hour will require at least two interpreters
  • Name of the person requesting/needs an interpreter
  • Contact name and phone number for the department requesting services

Upon receipt of this information, Lucia will determine her availability to interpret, as well as the need for additional interpreters given the duration/type of event scheduled. If available, she will confirm the day/time with the requesting department, and her services will be provided as part of her employment at NU. If an additional interpreter is needed, or Lucia is not available, she will refer departments to Deaf Access Services (DAS), a local ASL interpreter agency. If your department has not yet been trained on how to use NU’s portal to request interpreters from DAS, please contact David Whalen, NU’s ADA coordinator. Departments requesting interpreters from DAS will be responsible for paying for this service using their department budget.

As a reminder, it is recommended that all event publicity include the following suggested wording for accommodation requests: “To request an accommodation due to a disability, please contact [name of hosting department or contact person in department, email address and phone number] at least XX business days in advance.”

If you would like additional information, please contact Lucia.