NYS Fire Inspections

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Please find listed below the currently scheduled buildings for upcoming annual NYS fire inspections being conducting on our campus beginning Feb. 21, 2019 through March 8, 2019. The Fire Marshal reserves the right to change these dates at any time.

In preparation for this inspection if you could take a look at your areas for items that might need attention and if found please promptly place a work order for their repair. Such items that can easily be addressed include the following:

  • Exit sign not lit
  • Use of a standard extension cord, we may only use surge protectors
  • Space heater not near anything combustible
  • A cover plate on a receptacle/switch that is loose
  • Any item within 18” of a sprinkler head
  • A means of egress that is blocked or restricted
  • A fire door that does not latch on its own (fire door has a label on the hinge side)
  • A fire door propped open

Thank-you for your assistance and cooperation to reduce our violations and if you have any questions or concerns please contact facility services at extension 8430.

BUILDING                                            1st Inspection

Campus Safety                                          2/21/19

Tennis Shed                                               2/21/19

Kiernan Center                                          2/21/19

Physical Plant                                            2/21/19

Academic Complex                                  2/22/19

Gallagher Center                                      2/22/19

Dunleavy Hall                                           2/22/19

Alumni Hall                                               2/22/19

Alumni Annex                                          2/22/19

Golisano                                                    2/25/19

Library                                                      2/25/19

DePaul Hall                                              2/25/19

Bailo Hall                                                  2/25/19

Gacioch                                                     2/26/19

Vincentian Residence                            2/26/19

St. Vincent’s Hall                                    2/26/19

St. Vincent’s Annex                                2/26/19

Apartments 1 thru 6                              2/28/19

Dwyer Arena                                           2/28/19

Roosevelt House                                      2/28/19

Castellani Art Museum                          2/28/19

O’Shea Hall                                                 3/1/19

Timon Hall                                                  3/1/19

Lynch Hall                                                   3/6/19

O’Donoughue Hall                                     3/6/19

VV Houses 1 thru 6                                    3/6/19

Seton Hall                                                     3/7/19

Theatre Annex                                            3/7/19

Clet (residence space, dining, theatre) 3/8/19

Butler                                                            3/8/19

Marian House                                             3/8/19