Parking lot changes: Gallagher and DePaul lots

In Announcements, by , on January 28th, 2015

Due to the closure of Bisgrove Hall and the relocation of the College of Education faculty and classrooms, changes have been made in the Gallagher and DePaul parking lots.

1) Beginning today, and through the spring semester of 2015, the eight CAM visitor spots in the Gallagher Lot (which face the CAM) will be reclassified as faculty/staff/administrative parking.  Be advised that, as with all Gallagher spaces, these spots may be taken off-line for special events.

2) At each end of the DePaul Lot, the spaces marked as no parking will be designated as temporary ‘drop-off’ locations. The requirements will be that anyone seeking to park there would:

  1. Contact campus safety prior to arrival for approval;
  2. Leave their hazard lights on.

3) Shuttle service will run from today through March 6 as outlined in the Daily Post.

Please contact campus safety at ext. 8111 or student affairs at ext. 8405 with any questio