Purchasing: The Excitement Continues

In Announcements, by , on June 9th, 2015

If you still need to set up your office staff to make purchases through WebAdvisor (which is now required for all purchases exceeding $50, except for travel and emergencies), please use the attached form.  At this point, the controller’s office is receiving many such requests, so please allow for up to a week for your access to take effect.  Once your access is set, support staff and others can create requisitions (set the money aside for your vendor), and those with authority can authorize a Purchase Order (the permission to make the purchase).  Remember, Purchase Orders are the new Check Requests…when your PO is done, please send your invoice to Accounts Payable to finalize payment.  If you use a PO at a vendor where we have a standing account, you can simply present the PO in lieu of payment.   If this sounds complicated, you can review the “Money-in, Money-out” training, which you can view at any time on MyNU under “HR: Training,” or send an email to (both) Stephanie Adams and Don Smith.  Thank you!