Tree Maintenance on Campus

In Announcements, by , on August 7th, 2015

To promote and maintain healthy growth on campus, crews will be conducting some tree care and maintenance. In advance of this process, a tree specialist, our grounds manager, and Dr. Mark Gallo toured the campus to review the existing state of trees. After that review and much consultation, it was apparent that 19 trees will need to be removed. Eighteen of these trees are being removed due to destruction by the emerald ash borer. Crews will begin this work on Saturday, Aug. 8.  

On the positive side, bids are currently being collected to treat approximately 40 trees on campus that have also been infected with the emerald ash borer, but determined to be worth trying to save. There is a special tree injection process that is performed on the trees in the hope of saving them. It is likely that this process will be undertaken in the next month. 

It is our plan to also replace the trees that are removed and, in doing so, increase the mix of species on the campus. It is this sustainable management of our tree population that allows our campus to remain beautiful. 

Although you may see crews working on campus, these projects should cause minimal disruption to the campus community. Please contact facility services at ext. 8430 with any questions.