Trial run: Snow equipment and sidewalk staking

In Upcoming Events, by , on November 18th, 2015

In preparing for the upcoming winter season our new grounds contractor, Elbers Landscape Service, Inc., will  be taking the equipment out and trying it on our sidewalks and roadways before the snow starts flying this week.  

This is being done to better familiarize themselves with the areas without snow covering the grounds and to also make sure there are not obstructions (like a branch) which prevents the equipment from passing through the area easily. 

We just want to make you aware that this is going on and realize that they will be out there and may be making turns or taking time and possibly in the way. 

Also, Elbers will be installing plastic stakes to mark the sidewalk. This is being done to aid in finding the paved locations once the snow id flying and to hopefully minimize damage along walks come the spring. 

Thank you in advance for your patience as we prepare for the winter.  Please contact facility services with any questions at ext. 8430.