University Election – Results

In Announcements, by , on March 31st, 2021

University Elections are now concluded.  The Election Committee would like to thank our colleagues who stood for election on the various Committees.

Below please find the list of those elected:

Academic Senate


Doug Zschiegner              College of Arts & Sciences

Stefanie Wichhart            College of Arts & Sciences

Terri Vaughan                   College of Arts & Sciences

Patrick Tutka                    College of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Donna Thompson           College of Arts & Sciences

Ann Rensel                       College of Business Administration

Daniel Pinti                       College of Arts & Sciences

Jim McCutcheon             College of Arts & Sciences

Lisa Kilanowski                 College of Education

Rima Bhattacharyay        College of Business Administration

Administrative Professionals:

John Sauter                       College of Arts & Sciences

Virginia Pasceri                 Academic Success Center

Kathryn Marzec                Academic Exploration




Terri Vaughan                    College of Arts & Sciences

Lei Han                                At-Large

Administrative Professional:


Adrienne Kasbaum          Student Health Services

Committee on Committees

Joseph Sirianni                  College of Arts & Sciences (one-year term to fill vacancy)

Cheryl Rode                       College of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Roberto Leone                  College of Education

Promotion & Tenure Committee


Group 1:   One (1) tenured faculty member from the departments of Psychology, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Sociology and Social Work.

Ken Culton                          Sociology

Group 2: One (1) tenured faculty member from the departments of English, Theatre, Modern/Classical Languages and Communication Studies.

Carrie Teresa                     Communication Studies

Group 3: One (1) tenured faculty member from the departments of Philosophy, Religious Studies and History.

Michael Barnwell              Philosophy

Group 4:  One (1) tenured faculty member from the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Chang Huh                          Hospitality & Tourism Management

Group 5:  One (1) tenured faculty member from the College of Education:        

Department of Professional Studies or Ontario Programs

Lisa Kilanowski                  Education Counseling & Applied Psychology

Group 6: One (1) tenured faculty member At-Large Alternate

Anna McNab                      Management

Sabbatical Leave Review Committee

Doug Tewksbury              Communication Studies

Talia Harmon                    Criminal Justice

Hearing Committee


Doug Tewksbury              Member              Communication Studies

Talia Harmon                     Member              Criminal Justice

Henrik Borgstrom            Member              Modern/Classical Languages

Donna Thompson            Alternate             Psychology

Tom Sheeran                     Alternate             Adv Teacher Education

Paul Schupp                      Alternate             Criminal Justice

Lei Han                               Alternate             Accounting

Investigation & Advice Committee

Ann Rensel                         Member              Management

Shannon Hodges              Member              Edu Counseling & Applied Psychology

Kristine Augustyniak        Member              Edu Counseling & Applied Psychology

Joe Winter                          Alternate             Accounting

Rolanda Ward                    Alternate             Social Work

On behalf of the University Election Committee, congratulations to our colleagues who have been elected to serve.