University Election Results

In Announcements, by , on April 14th, 2020

Colleagues, University Elections are now concluded. The Election Committee would like to thank our colleagues who stood for elections on the various Committees. 

Below please find the list of those elected: 

Academic Senate 

Faculty: Martha Acosta Valle College of Arts & Sciences Michael Barg College of Arts & Sciences Carol Doyle-Jones College of Education Mustafa Gokcek College of Arts & Sciences Marian Granfield College of Arts & Sciences Jamie Pimlott College of Arts & Sciences Cheryl Rode College of Hospitality & Tourism Management Jennifer Scarpena College of Arts & Sciences/School of Nursing Yonghong Tong College of Arts & Sciences Joseph Winter College of Business Administration 

Administrative Professionals: Melissa Langridge Library Vennessa Walker Institutional Research & Assessment 

University Planning & Resource Council 

Faculty: Youngsoo Choi College of Hospitality & Tourism Management Donna Phillips College of Education Ann Rensel College of Business Administration Patrick Tutka At-Large 

Administrative Professionals: Antonia Knight Academic Services & Support/Academic Affairs Vennessa Walker Institutional Research & Assessment 

Committee on Committees 

Patrick O’Meara College of Business Administration Jennifer Scarpena College of Arts & Sciences 

Promotion & Tenure 

Group 1: Maritza Branker Group 2: Mary Ellen Bardsley Group 3: Lei Han Group 4: Christopher Wright Group 5: Michelle Ciminelli 

Sabbatical Leaves 

Michael Barnwell Michelle Ciminelli 

Hearing Committee 

Talia Harmon Christopher Lee Stefanie Wichhart 

Alternates: Maritza Branker William Martin Thomas Sheeran Joseph Winter 

Investigation & Advice 

Henrik Borgstrom Jamie Pimlott Sylvia Valentin 

Alternates: Ann Rensel Paul Schupp 

On behalf of the University Election Committee, congratulations to our colleagues who have been elected to serve. 

Sincerely, Joe Winter, Chair, University Election Committee