Update Mask Policy at NU Library

In Other, by , on May 26th, 2021

The mission of Niagara University Library is to provide exceptional customer service while connecting people to resources that support inquiry, knowledge creation, and knowledge sharing. In order to support our mission, we must ensure the comfort of all patrons in order to provide a safe space in which to learn. As we begin the summer semester, our updated protocols include:

1. Vaccine status is self-determined on the honor system.

2. Unvaccinated patrons must wear a mask in the building. They may remove masks when sitting alone in a study room with the door closed.

3. For the comfort of some staff and patrons, one side of the main floor will require masks regardless of vaccine status. Vaccinated patrons may remove their masks everywhere else in the building. This establishes a sort of safe haven for computer lab use.

4. We will ask patrons to continue to maintain social distancing (for which the building is already set up for).

5. Vaccinated Library staff can remove masks when not in the immediate presence of patrons, but for now will always wear a mask when serving patrons.

Questions? Contact Melissa Langridge