“Will Free Speech Survive on Campus? How to Find Balance in the Space of Politics, Race, Gender and Religion that Create Protests and Triggers -“: Tuesday, Oct. 4

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The Diversity Committee is sponsoring a webinar on “Will Free Speech Survive on Campus? How to Find Balance in the Space of Politics, Race, Gender & Religion that Create Protests & Triggers –’’ on Oct. 4, 2016, in Dunleavy, Room 127, at 2 p.m.

As a result of this webinar, you will take away:

  • A comprehensive overview of the colliding perspectives on today’s college student activism, with attention to its topics and formats and how it can impact freedom of speech on your campus. We face the reality that consensus is not always either achievable or desirable. In this election year, these issues take on new and critical importance.
  • Timely guidance from a higher education legal expert for your campus officials to use in examining the pros and cons of regulating campus speech within your institution.
  • A complete examination of student sensitivities and demands for a safe higher education learning environment and how to decipher between freedom of speech and harassment, hate or harm to others. Free speech has limitations. When, for example, does speech become harassment?
  • How to identify and understand institutional neutrality — and its limits — when campus controversies arise within your community.
  • Specific information on how the courts address free speech for faculty, students and institutions. The American Association of University Professors argues that the scope of harassment has broadened, to the detriment of academic freedom.
  • Detailed techniques for faculty, administrators, trustees and even students to use in managing demands for suppressing unpopular ideas.

Please contact Averl Harbinaharbin@niagara.edu if you have any questions.