Words for Niagarans to Live By

In Announcements, by , on October 22nd, 2018

If you missed the visit of the Very Rev. Tomaž Mavrič, C.M. to campus during Vincentian Heritage Week, he spoke of his hopes for our mission here at Niagara University. Fr. Tomaž is the Superior General of the Congregation (the Vincentians) and the successor of our patron St. Vincent de Paul. In a few well chosen words, he outlined the essence of what we hope to achieve. He drew out the implications of the vision for both students and faculty. To the faculty:

“First, the most influential relationships that young people will have at Niagara are, or can be, those they have with you. Make it your goal to open your students to their possibilities and to their responsibilities.”

 To students:

“Make an impact here and now. Work to dismantle racism, sexism, and those structures of inequity and economic oppression that are some of the root causes of homelessness. Be Vincentian and find your vocation. Give of your very best. Don’t be afraid to give all. You will find yourselves.”

 Download/read his brief address by clicking this link. A commentary from the website of the Eastern Province of the Vincentians who sponsor our University has a nice gallery of photos as well.