Plagiarism Resources from NU Library

In Announcements, by , on August 24th, 2018

Plagiarism is on the rise everywhere, and NU Library is here to help instructors and students learn how to avoid it. Take a look at these library resources:

 Interactive Plagiarism Tutorial

You can have your students complete this for class, and the results of their quiz answers will be sent to the librarians.

 NU Library Video on Avoiding Plagiarism

This video, created by NU librarians, provides an overview of what plagiarism is, and NU-specific tips about how to avoid it.

 Plagiarism Research Guide

This page not only includes links to the above tutorial and video, but also a flowchart for recognizing plagiarism, NU policy information, and more.

 If you want help with preventing plagiarism in your class, or would like any custom-tailored resources, contact Jaclyn McKewan, Outreach Librarian, at or 716-286-8007.