Supervisor Guide – Review and Action Employee Time Off (PTO) Requests

In Other, by , on August 25th, 2023

When one of your employees requests time off, you will receive an email from ADP. This is an automatic email which does not accept replies. The email will instruct you to login to your ADP account ( to action the request.

Once you are logged into ADP, you can access the request one of two ways:

  1. Click on the Things To Do icon in the upper right hand corner, and you will see any unapproved requests that require action under Tasks.
  • Click Review on the Employee Time Off request
  • Review details of request
  • Click Approve or Deny Request

2. Click in My Team (located in menu ribbon on top of page) > Time Off > List of Requests. You will see any unapproved requests that require action and can action the request(s) one of two ways:

  • Click Process Request via the Action drop down menu (Leave Pending, Mark to Approve, Mark to Deny)
  • Click on the request date(s) listed under Request Period which will take you to the full details of the time off request and from there you can action the request and hit Submit

Once you action the request, an email notification will be generated by ADP and sent to your employee.

If you require assistance with accessing ADP or have any questions, contact the Human Resources Office at 716.286.8690 or email HR.